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This Week's Menu, Commencing Monday 21st September

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* Monday 28th  -  Creamy Pork and Dill Meatballs OR Chicken Diane (GF)  

* Tuesday 29th -  Gourmet Curried Sausage Casserole OR  Slow Cooked Beef and Broccoli with Rice (GF)

* Wednesday 30th - Coconut and Star Anise Pork Belly OR Pumpkin and Sage Baked Gnocchi (V)

* Thursday 1st -  Closed (sorry for the inconvenience)

* Friday 2nd -    Combination Satay with RIce OR Chinese Honey Prawns with Fried Rice

 * Saturday 3rd - Closed (frozen meals available)

* Sunday 4th - Roast Lamb with Baked Veg and Gravy

  GF= Gluten Free V= Vegetarian 

To order, simply click on the link for the menu item above and add the serving size to your cart. 

  * All prices are GST inclusive.

We are Council Approved and Fully Certified.

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