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Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are also available. The following list is kept up to date. Click the item you wish to order and add to your cart.

 Dinner (Contains Gluten)

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Dinner (Gluten Free)

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Turkey Chow Mein with Hokkein Noodles 3 Risotto Bosciola  2
Lamb Moussaka  2 Cambodian Beef with Rice 2
Veal Schnitzel with Veg and Mash and Gravy 2 lamb shanks in red wine with mash
Turkey Chow Mein with Noodles 4 Chicken Diane with Veg

Keto Meals

Curried Sausage Casserole 1 Salisbury Steak with Cauli Mash  1
Roast Beef, Baked Veg and Gravy 4 Cambodian Beef with Cauli Rice